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Are you ready to show dedication to supporting women of color, helping them flourish in the workplace, and gaining respect and credit?

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Jasmine’s forte is capturing and uplifting the audience through relating her story of being a Latina in white-dominated workspaces to the journey of her audience members.

Her speeches are fascinating, captivating, and valuable, motivating women of color to make serious career moves and claim their worth today. With her spirit, realism, and matter-of-factness, Jasmine takes topics that are generally barred and uses them to empower other women of color to be fearless on their journey to success.

Jasmine has given successful speeches both in person and through virtual platforms internationally and throughout the US. She is also available for workshops, panel discussions, seminars, and other speaking appointments.
If you are looking for a speaker that will connect with the audience on a profound yet frank level while providing them with the necessary tools to build the confidence they need to own their career, look no further. Jasmine is your best choice.

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Jasmine has given successful speeches both in person and through virtual platforms internationally and throughout the US.



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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Dr Jasmine Escalera received her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Pace University and PhD in Pharmacology from Yale.

She has held high-level non-profit management positions, designing research programs that increase the quality of life and healthcare options for underprivileged populations.

Jasmine is a certified career and life coach and inspirational speaker. She has dedicated her practice to supporting career women of color, helping them decide what’s best for them, conquer self-doubt, and build confidence.

Jasmine makes the perfect blend of inspirational storytelling, career-focused mindset principles, and thought-out strategies into her speeches, securing her clients have the belief systems and action plans to lead their careers. She acts as a mentor, leveraging her experiences, outlook, and prowess to equip women of color with all-inclusive leadership strategies and guide them to prosper in the workplace. Jobscan voted Jasmine one of the Top Job Search Experts to Follow on LinkedIn in 2021. She was also voted Career Expert to Follow in 2021 by Brainz Magazine.

Dr. Jasmine is a well-known TEDx speaker with the talk “Conquering Workplace Conformity as a Woman of Color,” detailing her journey as a Latina in STEM. She has been featured by Forbes, Huff Post, and Business Insider. She has also given keynote speeches and maintained workshops for the Pennsylvania State of the Union on Latino Health, The Walt Disney Company, Upwork, and more.




Claiming Your Worth – How Women of Color can Connect to, Communicate, and Claim Their Worth

Women of color are still not getting paid equally for their work, and this has to stop. Audience members will learn more about the premise of intersectional pay, pay inequality, and cracks that fuel the wage gap and get expert tips about pay negotiation so they can always claim their worth.


Let’s make generational wealth a reality for women of color now!

Don’t Network, Build Your Community- Creating a Professional Community to Propel Your Career

Networking is a crucial ingredient to building a profitable career. However, building and expanding a network can be terrifying, especially in white-dominated workspaces. During this workshop, we understand why women of color don’t utilize networking. We develop a fresh way to do it from a safe space by building a professional community of validators, supporters, and champions.


This talk will explore topics in-depth, including career planning, the significance of sponsorship and mentorship, and using LinkedIn to build and maintain a prosperous professional community.


Step into Your Dopeness - Strategies for Overcoming Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace

Impostor Syndrome is the invisible internal barrier that holds many women of color back from claiming their worth, showing up authentically, and moving up the competitive corporate ladder. During this talk, audience members will discover the means and strategies to beat insecurity and grow into confident leaders.


The seminar defines impostor syndrome and helps develop strategies to combat self-doubt in professional settings so attendees can easily step into the next-level version of themselves as leaders, administrators, directors, and anything in-between!


Madison Singer Profile Pic.jpg

Madison Singer
Manager of Business Development at Cribl

Jasmine did an INCREDIBLE job speaking to our Women ERG (Employee Resource Group) at Cribl. She spoke about how women can connect to, communicate, and claim their worth in an hour session. We were given actionable feedback to take away from the session and we got outstanding feedback from the group on her presentation. Jasmine was engaging, well informed, humorous, well-spoken... I would highly recommend Jasmine.

Jesse Gutierrez.jpg

Jesse Gutierrez

Belonging Community Manager at Upwork

Jasmine was a pleasure to work with! She joined Upwork to support the professional development of our Upwork Belonging Community Members by hosting three sessions centered around the importance of branding and relationship building. She also highlighted her personal journey which served as an inspiration for our team members. If anyone is looking for ways to engage and support team member community building and professional development I recommend you work with Jasmine!

Ariella Williams.jpg

Ariella Williams

Director, Audience Research at The Walt Disney Company

Dr. Jasmine recently gave a workshop at The Walt Disney Company to show our female employees how to elevate our confidence and gave us the tools on how to own our careers in an authentic way. Every attendee was so inspired and many are still talking about the experience. Not only is Dr. Jasmine an incredible speaker and motivator, she has the right tools that directly allows us to make the necessary actions of moving our careers forward and doing it the way that feels right. We are definitely going to have her come back again! Thank you Dr. Jasmine, you are a gift!



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