About Me

I help career focused women of color obtain what they are seeking…true career satisfaction.

Jasmine Escalera, Ph.D.

I’m a coach dedicated to helping passionate women of color find their perfect career path, create an authentic professional brand, and stand out from the crowd of job seekers.

After a decade of managing and leading people in my own career, I have built a business around what I love…supporting and empowering women to achieve their greatness.

Why this work?

I started my coaching business to support women of color looking to take charge of their careers. I wanted to create a platform to help women often overlooked and undervalued in the workforce not just break, but shatter glass ceilings.

When working with me you receive individualized one-on-one coaching. I’ll help you grow and hold you accountable as you find that perfect job and career path. We will work to define what success means to you, identify your next steps, and empower you to go and get it.


I decided to take charge of my life by creating a career filled with passion and purpose. So, let’s get you ready to do the same.


My story


I’m a take charge Puerto Rican woman born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My childhood wasn't easy growing up in the projects, but I was supported by my family and community. Filled with a love of books and a consistent desire for knowledge, I began to learn about the world around me and quickly figured out the truth of my surroundings. I started to recognize that people of color, those underrepresented in places of power, are put in communities with no assistance and left to fend for themselves. Like me, the people of my community had to work harder to make it. 

Knowing this truth, I figured out my calling early on. And it was to build a career that offered me the opportunity to give back. After years of studying and being the first in my family to graduate college and attend graduate school, I started my career in project management. Since that time, and even today, my focus has stayed strong with developing programming aimed to equal the playing field for children and people in need. People who are sadly underrepresented and often overlooked.  

Through establishing a career led by passion, I found a life of purpose.

For years I have worked my way up the corporate ladder from manager to director. From thinking about programs to designing and implementing them. From being supervised to becoming a supervisor.

And in all of this I never forget that I am a powerful woman of color and I will never be stopped.

My coaching business is directly aligned with my desire to support people of color as they achieve their goals. I am here to listen, provide expert guidance, help you craft your path, and make sure you have the tools needed to succeed. The world needs more women like us in the boardroom, taking up the space we deserve, and speaking up. Together, we can get you there. 


If you’re ready to start a journey that will lead to a fulfilling career and life, then I’d love to support and empower you.

Book your free 30-minute introductory call with me and share your dreams, express your challenges, and let’s get started on preparing you for some serious career moves.

Are you ready to make those career moves you have been dreaming about?

Then let’s chat today!

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