Land Your Perfect Job - The Complete Package

So, you’re ready to start searching for a new job. Job hunting can be a thrilling, and frustrating process. But you don’t have to do it alone!

Whether you want to make a lateral move to a new company, are looking for a higher level role, or need some help showing the world of recruiters and potential employers how amazing you are, my complete job search package is perfect for you.

You are:

  • A career driven woman looking to bring more fulfillment into your work life

  • Ready to find a job and career that matches your talents, skills, and passion

  • Ready to work for an organization that will value your hard work

  • Seeking advice on how to create a professional brand that will help you stand-out so you get noticed

  • Need advice on networking, creating a resume, and selling yourself during an interview


What you need right now:

  • Help finding the career that is right for you and matches your passion, strengths, and unique skills

  • Support as you research organizations and jobs

  • A focused plan that gets you the job of your dreams

  • Guidance on how to create a solid strategy that will get you interviews

  • Structure, motivation, and someone to hold you accountable and focused


What you struggle with most:

  • Having a general idea of what you want to do but not sure what jobs or industries match

  • Not having a starting point so you keep giving up and stay within your current job leaving you feeling lost and unhappy

  • Having no idea how to write a solid cover letter, resume, or you feel nervous even thinking about answering interview questions

  • Knowing you need to network to get job opportunities, but you aren’t sure how or simply are kind of scared to do it

Signing up for the Passion to Profession career coaching package gets you:

  • 4-months of coaching support (2 hours of coaching per month via Zoom)

  • Personalized plans and assignments

  • Clarity and control over the direction your job search takes

  • A discovery process in which we work to figure out what you want out of your next job

  • A strategy for how to find the right job for you including researching companies and industries, networking tips, and more

  • Access to a career assessment that you help you identify job possibilities based on your skills and personality

  • Help with creating your resume and cover letter

  • Role-playing interviews and help with how to answer tricky interview questions

  • Resources and references

  • Check-ins between sessions (either via phone, email, or text)

  • Check-ins until you land your job (once per month 15-minute via phone or email)


And I will even provide you with a FREE 90-minute interview strategy session to be used within 6-months of your package start date. This session is focused on the tips and strategies to go from interview to offer and includes a mock interview session!


Breakdown of the Land Your Perfect Job package by session:

Phase 1, Exploration (2 sessions): During the exploration phase we will focus on what you want out of your next job. We will dive deep into your core values, skills, and strengths. The goal of Phase 1 is to allow you the space to explore YOU. Because you can’t land the dream job if you don’t explore what it is you truly want.  

Phase 2, Match (2 sessions): During the match phase you will complete the Career Fitter assessment and begin identifying positions and roles that fit you. Once the Career Fitter assessment is completed, we will review the results and you will be directed to research positions of interest. I will provide support and guidance during this phase along with links to job sites. We will work together to select positions, roles, and organizations that are perfect for you based on what was learned in Phase 1 and through the Career Fitter.

Phase 3, Branding (2 sessions): During the branding phase, we will work on how to create a stand-out cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile. We will also discuss the importance of networking, outreach, and creating personalize communications to drive your job search forward. Guidebooks will be provided to help you along the branding journey. And of course, I’ll be there providing expert advice and support every step of the way.

Phase 4, Action (2 sessions): During the action phase, you will start applying to jobs! You will be SO READY for this step and I’ll support you 100%. We will work together to customize your cover letter and resume for the roles. I will help you learn the techniques to get responses and replies from organizations. This is the fun phase and I can’t wait to get you there!

Sounds amazing right?

Ready to get started? Book your free 30-minute introductory call with me and share your challenges, ask questions, and we’ll talk about next steps.

"Jasmine has been an invaluable part of my personal and professional growth over the last few months. As an independent artist also working a full-time job in an arts organization, she has helped me find clarity in my personal work, map out clear goals and how to achieve them, as well as concrete strategies for working with a range of personalities and styles. I feel more confident and capable after speaking with Jasmine. I truly cannot say enough positive praise."


Are you ready to make those career moves you have been dreaming about?

Then let’s chat today!

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